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How To Successfully Launch An App

How To Successfully Launch An App

If you’ve invested in creating an app for your business, then ensuring it ends up on the phones of your customers is a key concern. To do this, app development will usually try and meet the particular needs of your customers, will be intuitive to use and visually appealing. 

However, getting your app in front of your customers can be challenging. With the average Smartphone user having around 80 apps on their phones, your app will have to compete for space as well as user time. 

A successful launch can give your app the best early chance of success.

How do you ensure that your new digital mobile app is installed and used by your target audience?

Research & Plan

Marketing strategy is a critical aspect of the research and planning phase for a successful app launch. A marketing strategy should include a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and their needs, as well as an analysis of the market and competition. It is important to create a unique value proposition that sets your app apart from the competition and resonates with your target audience.

The marketing strategy should also include a detailed plan for promotion and attracting users, including tactics such as social media advertising, influencer marketing, and app store optimisation (ASO). 

An effective marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience, create buzz around your app, and drive downloads and engagement.

Securing App Store Approval

App store approval is essential if you want your app to be downloaded and used. This enables your app to be listed and made available for download on the app store, which is a major distribution channel for mobile apps. Approval from the app store is a validation that your app meets the standards for quality, security, and usability set by the app store. This can help build trust with users and increase the credibility of your app.

To get app store approval, it’s important to follow the guidelines and policies of the app store. Testing the app thoroughly, providing accurate and complete information, and following the design guidelines can increase your chances of approval. 

It is also crucial to comply with the app store’s policies and regulations, such as data protection and privacy policies. If your app is rejected, make sure to address the issues raised by the app store and resubmit it for review.

Performance & Usability

App performance and usability are vital factors that determine the success of an app. Users expect apps to be fast, responsive, and easy to use. Negative reviews and low ratings can discourage users from downloading and using the app, while positive reviews and high ratings can increase visibility and downloads. 

App stores also consider app performance and usability when ranking apps, as they want to promote high-quality apps that provide a good user experience. A well-performing and user-friendly app can also increase user retention, reduce churn, and lead to higher revenue over time. 

Overall, app performance and usability play a critical role in the success of your app. All of these factors should be considered during the app development process. 

InTeck will give your app the best chance of success

As one of Manchester’s leading bespoke software development companies, InTeck will give your app the best chance of success. Our team are experts at creating user-friendly, high-performing apps for our clients that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

To find out more about how we can give your app the presence it needs, call 0800 3685220 or email today.

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