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A Beginners Guide to Apps

A Beginners Guide to Apps

Apps are a part of our everyday lives. They can solve specific problems, help us to become more productive, sleep better, monitor our eating habits and chart our exercise plus a million and one other things. 

As bespoke software solutions, they’re also used by businesses and organisations to streamline processes, enable remote working and give teams out in the field access to high-quality, real-time information. 

App development is a specialised field that combines technical know-how and attention to detail with creativity. App developers have been responsible for creating some of the tools that are now shaping our modern world, from how we order food and get around, to how we work, socialise and get fit.

What exactly is an app, and what can they be used for?

What is an app?

App is short for “application” and refers to software that is developed to be installed and run on a range of devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tables. An app is most commonly understood as a tailored solution developed to be used on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. 

Most smartphone users will have a number of applications on their devices, from mass-market tools such as Strava and Instagram to more bespoke software solutions developed to meet a particular need or market niche. The app market is vast and growing, with developers finding solutions to everyday problems. 

An app to solve every problem

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that an app can be developed to meet nearly every need, whether commercial or individual. Apps that enable us to order food from a local takeaway have been around for some time, likewise tailored solutions developed by supermarkets that make it simple to place an order for delivery or collection. 

It was the development of bespoke software solutions that opened up the ride-hailing market in cities around the globe. Apps have been developed that can help to save lives, make companies become more efficient or simply help people have fun and get more out of life. If you can imagine it, then an app can be created for it. 

What are the advantages of apps?

Apps are agile, relatively easy to develop and flexible solutions that can be designed to meet a wide range of needs. They can ,provide added convenience by enabling people to access services and information quickly on their mobile devices. They will frequently allow for personalisation, enabling users to have a more individualised experience. 

Apps can also provide real-time updates and notifications, giving users access to the very latest information about services and products. Importantly, they can promote engagement, encouraging customers to develop loyalty towards a brand. If someone has a company app on their phone that they find useful, they’re less likely to look at what a competitor is offering.

Does my business need an app?

When done correctly, apps can be great tools for businesses to communicate with customers, foster brand loyalty, and learn more about customer behaviour. 

They can provide a two-way source of information that can help to shape future products and services while increasing the visibility of your brand. 

They ultimately help businesses provide a better customer experience, making it easier to order products and services, make appointments and track their orders. 

At Inteck, we’re one of the leading app development companies in the North West. We develop bespoke solutions for our clients, helping them meet a range of commercial and operational goals.

To find out more about apps or to discuss your app ideas, call 0800 3685220 or email  to find out more.

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