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Key questions to ask before starting an app project

Key questions to ask before starting an app project

When you’re planning a digital mobile app, several key questions can help you better understand what you’re trying to achieve. Any bespoke software solution has to fulfil a particular need and that need should be clearly identified at the outset. 

This can be achieved by asking yourself some critical questions at the start of the project. In most cases, asking questions will support and clarify the scope of your project. In some instances, it may prompt a rethink about your app and what you hope to achieve. 

It’s much better to ask questions prior to your starting app development than after having spent time and money on its development.

Here are some of the key questions you should be asking:

Does your app add value to the lives of your customers?

Any digital mobile app should provide a service that people actually want or need. It might fix a certain problem or make a particular service easier to access. A great example of this is lift-sharing apps such as Uber which have made it simpler for people to quickly hire a ride whenever they want. 

It’s no good working on the most sophisticated bespoke software solution if it isn’t actually solving a specific problem or meeting a need. 

Do you have a clear business objective?

Many companies think they should invest in app development because all of their competitors are doing so without thinking about what they want to achieve. Assuming that your app does add value to your customers, you then need to consider how it will generate revenue if that is your goal. 

Some companies will provide apps that, in themselves, don’t generate revenue but can support the brand or make goods and services easier to access. 

If you’re looking to create an extra income stream from your app, there are a range of potential options such as a paywall for high-value features or in-app advertising.

Are you clear about the essential features of your app?

While it’s tempting to stuff your app with an array of features, it’s important to focus on the clear essentials. Concentrate on the key aspects of your app that are essential to meeting your objectives and meeting your customer needs. Too many additional features will cost money and delay the launch of your app.

What is your marketing strategy?

It’s pointless creating the perfect digital mobile app if nobody knows about it so it’s important to ensure you have a clear marketing plan in place before your app is launched. Think about how you will communicate with your existing and potential customers about your app and how you can ensure they’re enthusiastic about what it can deliver.

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At InTeck, we help businesses create apps that meet a range of needs, from internal solutions to providing a shop window for customers.

We work creatively and collaboratively to create apps that meet the needs of users and that can be effectively monetised if that is an aim for your business.

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