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Top 10 features of a successful mobile app

Top 10 features of a successful mobile app

There are no short-cuts to creating the perfect bespoke software solution but there are a few key aspects to any successful mobile app. Here are ten that you should always keep in mind when developing a mobile app for your business.

Keep it simple

The best apps are simple to use and meet a well-defined number of key objectives. A good app is easy to navigate, quick to understand and easy to follow. The more difficult your app is to find your way around the less likely it is to be used. 

Speed is of the essence

As well as being easy to understand, it should be quick to begin working. Users hate to be kept waiting, and frustration can soon lead to them giving up and perhaps going elsewhere. Slow loading apps are more likely to be deleted.

Make sure it’s flexible

A good mobile app should be able to work across the three main operating systems. While the coding may not need to be different there may be differences in screen size and resolution that need to be taken into account.

Attractive colour schemes

Popular apps will usually have a bold, colourful and well-thought out colour scheme. Eye grabbing colour schemes that work well together are key to drawing people in.

Include a search option

It sounds simple enough, but all too often apps are developed without an easy to locate search option. This should allow for either in-app searches, or for searches of the internet in general, whichever is the most appropriate.

Think about image resolution

It’s no good having great images and graphics if they look blurred and out of focus. Think about image resolution and ensure that your images look as good on your digital mobile app as they do on a desktop. 

Don’t cut corners with security

Security really is everything when it comes to bespoke software development. If your app isn’t secure then it’s not only a threat to user data, it’s also a threat to your company reputation. 

Hackers are determined, and one serious security breach can be costly in more ways than one. The best software companies will prioritise security and thoroughly stress test a mobile app to make sure it’s as difficult as possible for scammers and fraudsters to access. 

Incorporate push notifications

Push notifications can be a graphic, text or a combination of both that are sent to users with content that might be of interest to them. This will usually be relevant to their interests and targeted solely at a particular user giving them encouragement to use the app. 

Listen to feedback

Make it simple for users to give their feedback about the app. What do they enjoy and what do they find frustrating? User feedback is crucial to help software developers know how to improve their app when it comes to updates, as well as ironing out any immediate problematic glitches.

Regular updates

Updates keep your app relevant. Regularly updating your app allows you to add new features, address glitches and respond to user feedback.

At InTeck, we understand mobile app development best practice. As Manchester’s leading bespoke software development company we can give your mobile app the best chance of success.

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