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The common mistakes businesses make when developing a mobile app

The common mistakes businesses make when developing a mobile app

Bespoke software solutions are an increasingly popular tool through which companies can reach new customers and better serve existing ones. Getting app development right can be a tricky business, and there are a number of common pitfalls that prevent companies from realising their vision for their app.

What are the common mistakes that every business should try to avoid?

Poor research

Many businesses develop an app because all of their competitors have got one without giving much thought to what it will do or why anyone should use it. Digital mobile app development is a time and resource-consuming process, and if it fails it can be costly. 

You need to think about the purpose of the app, your target audience and your app’s unique selling point. Carrying out proper market research will make sure you have a clear goal to guide app development.

Unrealistic budget

Attempting to cut corners while developing an app is never a smart move. It’s a complex process that requires close attention to detail and a diverse team to create successful apps. Mobile technology is always changing and ensuring your app is able to keep pace with these changes is crucial. 

While few businesses have completely limitless budgets, making sure your budget is realistic is important. A bespoke software development company will be able to give you a realistic figure for the development and deployment of your app. It’s also important to keep some of your budget back for maintenance going forward. 

Unclear briefing

Your software development company can only create the app you want to deploy if they are given clear instructions. This might include the types of features that you want to see on the app, what you’d like it to look like and what the end goal is. 

Skilled software development professionals will know how to tease out what you want from your app but both parties should be clear that they understand what the final product will be like. 

Too many functions

Some mobile apps attempt to do too much. They contain too many features and functions resulting in clutter and an app that’s difficult to use. 

Many users will give up and delete the app if they have a negative experience when using it. Keeping your primary objective in mind and removing too much superfluous functionality is key to a successful mobile app. 

No marketing plan

So you’ve partnered with a business software agency and together you’ve delivered an outstanding app. The only problem is you have no strategy to get that app where it needs to be. 

To do this you need a coherent marketing strategy to ensure your app reaches its target audience once it’s launched. This might use a variety of channels, such as email or social media, but it needs to be thought through and realistic.

Bespoke software development in Manchester (without the mistakes)

At InTeck, we’re experienced at creating highly-functional apps within budget for our clients. We work with you from day one to create a unique solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

To find out more about how we work, call 0800 3685220 or email to talk to one of our experienced team. 

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