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Enterprise mobile app development - what you need to know

Enterprise mobile app development - what you need to know

In an always ‘on’ world, it’s increasingly important that businesses can remain connected. Whether people are working in the office, from home or out in the field, access to the same systems, apps and software is vital. Bespoke mobile apps and tailored solutions can give businesses greater flexibility and can make them more resilient. One of the means by which this can be achieved is through mobile app development. 

What is enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise mobile app development is designed to keep a company connected wherever they’re located and across devices. They are developed intelligently, using a variety of different strategies with the aim of ensuring that development time is as efficient as possible. All the while, care is taken to ensure that they remain completely secure and reliable when deployed across the company.

What strategies can be used for enterprise mobile app development?

There are a range of different strategies that can be used when it comes to enterprise app development. These can be pre-packaged, no-code mobile solutions, full custom solutions through to mobile-integrated development platforms. 

Packaged mobile apps

Packaged enterprise apps are a quick and easy means by which to get an app deployed and in use, but they do have limitations. It will be limited in what it can do and may be unable to connect to more complex and proprietary enterprise systems. To overcome these difficulties may require the development of custom code to improve integration and increase mobile functionality. 

Integrated mobile developer services

A different approach to enterprise mobile app development is to consider the role the mobile plays within an integrated, cloud-native application development infrastructure. Developers make use of a set of reusable mobile services across a range of apps and platforms. Rather than creating a new platform, existing ones are extended for use on mobile devices.

Things to consider

For the enterprise mobile app development process to be successful a number of different factors need to be considered. Firstly, consider the device on which the app is going to work. Simply porting an existing application from a desktop to a mobile will create all kinds of issues for the end-user.  

It’s also important to try and utilise a device's full capabilities in terms of GPS, Bluetooth and cameras. What extra functionality can they add to your app? As well as merely keeping users connected, a well-designed app can also help them become more productive. By integrating third-party updates such as traffic feeds you can help users become more effective.

A bespoke approach to mobile app development

Creating a bespoke enterprise mobile app can help your team work more effectively, increase flexibility and build-in resilience. 

At InTeck,  we create mobile apps that give you the edge over your competitors. 

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