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What is low code mobile development

What is low code mobile development

Low-code mobile app development allows users with minimal coding skills and experience to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms. It’s also helpful for professional app developers, as it removes as much of the hand-coding as possible, helping to save considerable time. It allows for the creation of bespoke software solutions in a streamlined and efficient way.

What exactly is low code mobile development and how does it impact on the software and app development process?

How does low code mobile development work?

Low-code is an efficient approach to software development requiring very little to no coding in order to complete app development. Instead, developers access a low-code platform featuring visual interfaces that make use of simple logic as well as drag-and-drop features.

Extensive and complicated coding languages aren’t essential, allowing for an intuitive approach that removes the need for formal coding knowledge. It makes developing bespoke software solutions for mobile and business apps simpler and more accessible.

What are its advantages?

As well as its accessibility, low code mobile development delivers a range of other benefits. It can reduce costs and increase productivity, allowing for more apps to be created in less time. It removes the need for more developers, particularly those with advanced coding skills and experiences. It also allows a smaller team to focus on core development activities. What once took months to create can be created in days. Time is less of a barrier when it comes to revising and updating apps.

This has important implications for scalability. Low code mobile app development allows for the development of a variety of solutions, ranging from process automation apps to systems modernisation, without having to incur substantial costs.

You can deliver continuous improvements to end users through a variety of experiences. It enables the development of cloud-based solutions that are easy to maintain and scale to meet evolving needs. Increased speed can lead to a better customer experience overall.

Are there any disadvantages?

While there are a number of advantages in low-code mobile development, it does have some potential drawbacks. The modular nature of low-code platforms can limit the customisation options available. It can create integration problems, particularly with the kind of legacy systems that are often at the core of many businesses.

They also tie users into cloud-based, low-code development platforms making it difficult, if not impossible, to customise your apps at a later date. Also, you take on some risk with security and reliability as you hand over control of coding to a third party platform.

If you need an application that is high-quality and unique while being specific to your business requirements, custom app development will generally be a better option.

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