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How to solve business problems with a mobile app

How to solve business problems with a mobile app

To succeed in business you need to be able to respond to the changing needs and demands of your customers in a fast and effective manner. To do this your business needs to be efficient and responsive, tackling problems as and when they arise.

Mobile apps can help you rise to some of the most common business challenges.

What are those challenges and how can a mobile app help you tackle them?

Poor customer service

Increasingly, quality customer service is key to business success. We live in a time of instant gratification when people expect to get what they want when they want it. When people are looking for information they expect to be able to access it quickly. If a business can’t respond in a timely manner, then they may lose customers. Whatever goods you produce or services you provide, a customer-centric approach is now expected.

With a mobile app you can ensure that your brand is available to your customers whenever they want it. They can access product information, place orders and ask questions. They can benefit from personalised offers and discounts, as well as keep up with the latest brand news.

Lack of data

A lack of reliable customer data can be a real problem for businesses hampering effective decision making. Decisions made without the appropriate data rarely produce the desired results and can sometimes even be detrimental.

A mobile app can help with the aggregation of a wide variety of different types of data, not only about customers but also about business processes. Apps can also analyse and convert that data into meaningful information.

You can gather customer feedback to help you improve your product or service. You can also piece together an up-to-date portrait of your customers and broader audience through details such as their age, gender, location, language and type of device they use. This will allow you to better understand the interests and preferences of your clients. Detailed information can then better inform your marketing strategy.

Poor sales figures

If you have poor e-commerce sales then an app can help tackle the issue. Perhaps your website is difficult to navigate and isn’t mobile friendly. Technical fixes to your website itself will undoubtedly help, but a more effective means to make it easier for customers to buy your products is through a mobile app.

Customers can easily access your inventory, take advantage of offers and a streamlined checkout process can make it easy to complete a purchase. The easier the whole process is, the lower your bounce rate is likely to be. An intelligent e-commerce app for your brand can foster customer loyalty and help to grow sales.

A bespoke mobile app help you tackle your business challenges

InTeck can develop a bespoke mobile application to solve the most pressing challenges your business faces. To find out more about how we can help your business call 0800 368 5220 or email

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