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What should be included in a property management system?

What should be included in a property management system?

A property management system (PMS) is a software application that’s used across a range of different property-based businesses. Typically, this might include the hospitality business, holiday and residential letting agencies. 

Bespoke software solutions are frequently used in hotels, where they’re sometimes referred to as hotel management systems. As well as property businesses, they may also be used in other industries that hold properties, such as manufacturing, logistics, conferencing, government and education.

While the type of PMS used in a business will reflect the particular priorities of that business, successful solutions often have some key features in common. If you’re considering bespoke software development to create a property management system for your business what features should you include?

Interactive Calendar

Any bespoke property management system needs an interactive calendar. This needs to be as intuitive to use as possible, making it simple for users to log and amend bookings. If your property management system is being used alongside a website to enable customer bookings it needs to be capable of easy integration. 


Reporting is frequently a key component of tailored solutions for business. When it comes to a bespoke software solution for property management, a reporting component is essential. This might include daily revenue, tax reporting and shift audit. Typically, reporting functions are separated into different categories such as daily activity and financial reports.

Direct bookings

If you’re selling accommodation direct to the public your property management system should include a direct booking facility. While there are an increasing number of channels available which can bring in more business, they frequently incur extra costs. Intuitive, easy-to-use direct booking systems that allow customers to browse options, check availability and then book accommodation bump up your conversion rate.

Point of Sale Integration

If you operate a hotel or hotels, conference facilities or similar, then point of sale integration will be a vital part of your bespoke software solution.  This enables your front desk to be up-to-date and fully integrated, allowing staff to modify bookings, add extra charges and note or make other changes. Point of sale integration ensures different teams and members of staff have up-to-date information about current bookings, rate changes, offers and other pertinent information that may impact on day to day operations or customer stays.

Customer Database

Property management systems will usually contain a customer database. This may be basic or more detailed and will include previous guests’ contact details, their previous bookings and other information that can be used to generate leads, improve customer engagement and inform customers about discounts, offers and events. 

A bespoke property management system 

If you’re considering creating a bespoke software solution for your property management business, then InTeck Ltd can help. We understand the development process and the specific needs of property management businesses.

We work with you to create a property management system that fully meets your requirements. 

To find out more about our bespoke software development services, call 0800 368 5220 or email

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