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Top 10 reasons why you need to implement a bespoke property management system

Top 10 reasons why you need to implement a bespoke property management system

A bespoke property management system is essential for a range of businesses, including hospitality, conferencing and residential lettings. They make key information available across the business, empower customers to make and modify bookings, encourage customer engagement and help you better integrate and manage a range of distribution channels.

Choosing a bespoke software solution for your property management has key advantages compared to a generic option. 

Here are some of the top reasons for implementing a bespoke property management system in your organisation.

Reduce Paperwork

Developing a tailored solution to meet your property management needs will reduce the amount of time-consuming administration your staff have to deal with. This frees them up to work on other, possibly income-generating, tasks. They’re also better able to meet the needs of different customers. 

Enable mobile access

Any bespoke software solution can be tailored to enable mobile access. This allows people working remotely or out in the field to access up-to-date information about vacancies, bookings and property. Staff can quickly be informed of essential information and no longer need to make time-consuming and inconvenient phone calls.

Communicate with customers and tenants easily

Whether you work with tenants, sell to customers or business to business, a bespoke property management system enables you to communicate quickly with your customers. This might be essential information about their stay or let or to tell them about offers and discounts. A bespoke property management system makes it easier to foster customer engagement.  

Manage appointments

A property management system makes it easier to book, amend and keep track of appointments. Staff and customers can be sent reminders about upcoming appointments.

Empower customers/tenants

A bespoke property management system enables customers to browse property options, look at vacancies, compare prices and make bookings. This, in turn, helps to foster strong customer relationships and loyalty. 

Integrate distribution channels

If you use a number of different channels to promote and sell rooms or holiday lets, then a bespoke software solution can integrate these into your overall property management system. This makes them easier to manage and ensures that properties are not multiple booked and that other potential problems don’t occur.

Unify systems and teams

Everyone in your team is given access to the same real-time information, empowering them to do their job, and become more efficient while eliminating mix-ups and the potential for mistakes. 

Learn from reliable reporting and analytics

Your PMS can give you accurate up to date information across a range of fields, including financial reports and daily activities.

Gain a competitive advantage

By implementing a bespoke property management solution within your business you can gain a commercial advantage over your competitors. Your staff are able to work more efficiently, customer engagement is improved and you are given a better range of information and analytics to inform your decision-making. 

Software that meets your needs

Bespoke software solutions are developed to meet the precise needs of your business. You’re not paying for functions that you don’t use nor are you using less than perfect applications to run your business. 

How InTeck can help

If you’re considering developing a bespoke property management system for your business, then InTeck can help. We can create a bespoke solution that meets your needs and enables your company to become more efficient.

To find out more about our bespoke software development services, call 0800 368 5220 or email

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