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The importance of rigorous testing in software project development

The importance of rigorous testing in software project development

No matter what the nature of your business is or the particular software project you’re working on, properly testing your software before it’s released to the public or deployed internally is crucial. While testing adds both costs and time to the development process, the costs and delays of not doing so can be considerably more. 

Software testing is one of the pillars of bespoke software development, ensuring that the finished product meets the needs identified at the commissioning stage. 

Why is rigorous testing so important when it comes to software project development?

What is software testing?

Software testing is the process through which software’s functionality, interconnectivity, and usability are rigorously and routinely tested through a variety of procedures. It will usually be the penultimate stage before the software is launched. Although the procedures and testing methodology can differ, software testing will usually involve running test cases for specific features. 

Their functionality will be assessed, problems identified and reported on. Any bugs that are found will be reported back to the development team, who analyse the code, amend and rewrite whatever is required in order to rectify the problem. 

There are a number of different tests, strategies, and approaches with specific objectives to achieve during the software testing process.

Why is software testing so important?

Software testing is an essential part of the development process, saving time, money, and potential headaches for businesses, their customers, and employees. Testing ensures that once the software has been received and deployed it works as intended without any problems. 

It can be particularly important for larger companies where new software being introduced is always a potential point of disruption. If faulty software is inadvertently introduced, it can seriously hamper business operations and could ultimately lead to the company sustaining reputational damage. 

For smaller businesses, bespoke software solutions may represent a significant investment, so ensuring that it works as intended is vital if budgets are to be maintained. Rigorous testing reduces the time given to support enquiries, the risk of downtime as well as lost revenue. 

What does software testing achieve?

Software testing also enhances product quality, helping to bring value to their customers, and removing the potential for issues. Software testing will look at the security aspects of the software, locating any potential vulnerabilities, particularly if the finished product will require users to submit any personal data. 

Another key aspect of the testing process will be to check the compatibility of the software with applications that are already in use. A critical part of the testing will be to assess if the software will work on mobile devices and is adaptable as it needs to be. As well as compatibility with different devices, cross-browser compatibility will also need to be reviewed. 

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At InTeck, all of the bespoke software solutions we produce undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that they function as required, are compatible with existing applications, and don’t contain any bugs or security vulnerabilities.

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