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Software Testing - What you need to know

Software Testing - What you need to know

To be human is to make mistakes. No matter how much of a detail-oriented perfectionist a person is, they will always make the occasional error in their working life. Through training, well understood protocols and experience, errors can be minimised but it’s impossible to completely eradicate them.

Software testing is the means by which software development companies spot and tackle mistakes and errors before they have a chance to become a problem.

What is software testing?

Software testing is where errors and glitches in a developed product are found and rectified. It checks whether the actual outcomes of the software matches the results that were expected. It identifies defects, spots missing requirements and any gaps in the functionality.

This is the penultimate step before the product is launched either to the market or deployed by the organisation that commissioned it. It will usually include examination, observation, analysis and evaluation.

Why is it important?

Software testing is important for a number of reasons. Your software can only add value to your business and customer experience if it meets all of the requirements you set for it. By making your software bug-free, the user experience will be improved.

Time and resources won’t need to be wasted correcting bugs and errors after the software has been deployed. Security issues can be detected prior to the software being released, and its compatibility across devices and platforms can be assessed.

Software testing gives the software a thorough dry run prior to being launched.

What are the types of software testing?

Depending on the type of software different testing approaches can be deployed. These include:

Functional testing

This type of testing will check each function of the software verifying functionality with a specified set of requirements. In other words, the behaviour of the software is of chief concern. Are its functions operating as you expected?

Non-functional testing

This type of testing looks at the broader parameters of the software rather than the performance of the specific functions. This type of testing might look at how the software performs in different situations or how many people can use the software at any given time.

Black-box testing

With black-box testing the software tester approaches the software as if they were the end-user. The tester would be unlikely to know much about the structure of the software or how it was developed. As an end-user, does the tester encounter any problems?

White-box testing

With this type of testing the tester will have a detailed understanding of how the software works and was developed. This form of testing won’t only focus on how the software is performing but will also explore how it can be improved.

Carefully developed and thoroughly tested software

At Inteck Ltd, we create bespoke software solutions for a wide range of clients. All of our software is carefully developed and thoroughly tested before it’s deployed.

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