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The importance of early software testing

The importance of early software testing

Testing software is a crucial part of the bespoke software development process. It’s key to ensuring that the finished digital mobile app or tailored solution works as intended without any bugs or glitches. These can be frustrating for the user, make the software less appealing and lead to it being underused or, in some cases, not used at all. 

What is software testing?

Software testing determines whether the actual software product fully meets the expected requirement and runs free of glitches, bugs, and defects. It entails running software and system components through a series of checks using manual and automated tools to evaluate how particular features and properties are functioning. It measures this performance against what is required of the software.

Any bugs or errors can be identified early and fixed before the software product is delivered. Bespoke software solutions that have been properly tested ensure dependability, security, and high performance. This, in turn, leads to greater cost-effectiveness, usability and customer satisfaction.

Testing throughout the software development process can ultimately save you time as you don’t have to correct problems later on when it can become more time-consuming and complicated. 

Why early testing matters

There are a number of reasons why early software development testing is crucial. While a developer may code according to design specifications, testing is carried out based on user requirements. 

This early testing helps to detect bugs at early stages of development. Undetected bugs and glitches can be the source of further problems. If they’re left unchecked, it can mean that the software is glitch filled as it approaches release. This will then need considerable remedial effort to fix, costing both time and money. 

The overall quality of the resulting software may suffer. Some unimportant bugs may be allowed to slip through which ultimately have a detrimental effect on the overall user experience. The longer you leave defects the more costly they become to rectify.

By embedding testing into the whole development process from the beginning you save time and money, and ultimately create a more effective product. Agile methodologies encourage development teams to integrate testing earlier in the development cycle to help raise the quality threshold. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and a product that better meets the needs of the end user. 

Early testing also helps to improve the overall security of the software. Poorly developed and not fully secured apps can be a target for cyber criminals and, in many cases, will contain high levels of user data. Testing embeds security into the development process helping to ensure that the finished software is as secure as possible.

Testing also helps to improve the overall performance of the software as it’s put through its paces at different stages of the development process.

Bespoke software development from InTeck

At InTeck, we embed testing into our software development process from the beginning. We work to ensure that every finished tailored solution is bug-free and meets the requirements of our clients and the end user.

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