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How does an agile software development team work

How does an agile software development team work

When it comes to bespoke software development, there are a variety of ways that a team can work together to complete a project. The process can be complex and requires adaptability, combining technical and creative skills. An agile development team will address these challenges by applying the principles of self-organisation and cross-functionality.

What are these principles and how do they inform agile software development? And how might software companies deploy this approach when creating bespoke software solutions?


One of the key aspects of an agile development team, and what marks it out from other ways of organising a development team, is that there is no project manager who assigns tasks within the group. Neither is there a de facto team leader among the developers. Instead, the group will operate on the principles of self-organisation. 

No single person is in charge, meaning that each member of the team is charged with remaining vigilant and engaged, assessing the progress of the project. Everyone has a stake in directing the project towards its final goal. 

This represents a marked change from the traditional development model, where each individual member has a defined area of expertise and responsibility. Reporting responsibilities in the traditional model begin and end at each team member’s individual area of expertise. In the agile approach, individuals share whole-team accountability for their actions.

What are the advantages of this approach?

Team members in a self-organising team have greater autonomy and trust. They’re more likely to innovate, developing new feature ideas and technical solutions. The range of defects and bugs decreases as the whole team is alert to problems across the project. Shared accountability makes everyone involved more conscientious. Team members are also able to work on their own initiative without needing permission from up the chain of command. 


Bespoke software development that takes an agile approach to team structure doesn’t divide people into different specialisms, such as coders, testers, and analysis. Instead, agile development teams will contain all of the skills required to create software that’s ready to deploy. 

What does this mean in practice?

Agile, cross-functional teams have much faster feedback cycles and can move the project from idea to deployment in a matter of weeks. They can do this without compromising on any of the essential stages, not least testing. 

A cross-functional team has a deeper understanding of the different aspects of the software development process, with increased control and visibility. Risk management processes are enhanced, particularly when it comes to the decision-making process. 

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