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How do you create a digital roadmap for your project

How do you create a digital roadmap for your project

Whenever someone has an idea for a piece of software or an app they are immediately energised and want to get going. However, this isn’t always the smartest move. Creating software without a roadmap is the digital equivalent of driving off a cliff, or at the very least setting off on a long journey without a map or Sat-Nav in sight!

There’s a huge potential to get lost when creating bespoke software solutions. While you may learn a lot in the process, it’s not the most advisable course of action and will cost you both time and money and may ultimately result in a substandard product.

Why agile doesn’t mean rushed

There are often misunderstandings around the term ‘agile’ when used in relation to bespoke software development. Agile doesn’t mean rushed. All good software development will flow from a business technology roadmap. This will help to shape and provide context around the development team’s daily work while responding to shifts in the competitive landscape.

So what is a roadmap for your project and how do you create one that can support your software development process?

The purpose of a roadmap

A roadmap doesn’t lay out every task and deadline but will create a structure through which to support the process of creating bespoke software solutions. They make it easier for software development teams to understand how the product will evolve and make near term decisions that don’t compromise the overall goal. It can help them gain awareness of which features aren’t working

Unlike detailed blueprints that lay out all necessary tasks, deadlines, bug reports, and more along the way, technology roadmaps are high-level visual summaries highlighting a company’s vision or plans.

Creating your roadmap

A bespoke software development roadmap will begin with your overall strategy. This will outline your visions, goals and initiative for your product and how they will support your overall business objectives. A strong product vision captures the crucial information the team must understand to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Think about your ideas and which are the most important, and how they reflect and inform your strategy. The roadmap will define features and requirements and identify the specific features that best support your strategy. This will give the software development team the detailed requirements the context they need to implement the best solution.

The roadmap should guide the team, providing the overall context they need while allowing some flexibility for the development of ideas and different approaches along the way. It helps keep the team focused on the bigger picture with the key end goals kept fully in sight as the development process progresses.

Without a roadmap, there’s always the risk of getting lost.

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