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Software prototyping - what you need to know

Software prototyping - what you need to know

If you were interested in buying a house that was in the process of being built it’s extremely unlikely that you’d hand over your deposit without first taking a detailed look at the plans. Will it be big enough for your needs? Does it have all the rooms and the outdoor space you require? Where will it be located?

The same applies to creating new software. Before the software is constructed and deployed there needs to be thorough blueprints and plans as to how that it will function and what it will look like to the end-user. Does it fully meet your requirements?

Software prototyping is one means by which people commissioning bespoke software can be reassured that that what’s being created will fully meet their needs.

What exactly is software prototyping?

During the development stage of an app a prototype version with limited functionality will be created. This will allow developers to test out specific features and for those that commissioned the software to give feedback.

Because of the time and money that it takes to create a successful app this is an essential part of the development process. It allows the developers and the ultimate end users to take a look at what the software will look like and how it might function. The role of the prototype is to serve as a draft prior to the full development of the software.

Why is software prototyping so important?

In order for new software to be successfully implemented it needs to be well-considered throughout its development journey. Even if you have confidence in your ideas they need to be put to the test to see how they work in reality.

For the client, the prototype gives them a rough idea of what the final product might look like. It allows them to better understand what is being developed and to envisage how it will be used even if the concept itself is difficult. It builds in client involvement within the development process, allowing them to share their thoughts and impressions of the prototype.

Detecting errors is easier and allows for problems to be solved efficiently and easily, without the cost and inconvenience of fixing issues after the software has been deployed. It reduces risk overall, making it much more likely that the completed software will be successful.

Software prototyping is extremely useful in the whole development process, enabling the verification of ideas and initial concepts.

At Inteck, we take a rigorous and collaborative approach to creating bespoke software that fully meets the needs of our clients.

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