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Why is software development important?

Why is software development important?

Software development is vital to how we live. It helps us to find solutions to problems, open up new creative and commercial opportunities, communicate and socialise. 

In fact, software development is an essential component of modern life culminating in products we largely take for granted. 

Whether it’s large-scale commercial software development or bespoke software solutions and applications, software development drives our economy.

What is software development?

Software development is the process through which software is created, tested, implemented and maintained. It refers to the entire life cycle of developing new software solutions, from the initial brief through to the software being deployed and maintained. 

The software can be as simple as a platform for invoicing customers, right through to software developed for NASA missions.

Custom software development is carried out every day for businesses of all sizes to help them work more efficiently and to give them an added edge over their competitors. 

Routine and more complex processes can be automated, to help to free up employees for other tasks. Tailored solutions can help you improve customer service by becoming more efficient and responsive. 

Software development has a large scope and can refer to the development of large systems for companies and organisations, or to app development to help employees in the field carry out a specific task more efficiently.

A rapidly evolving field

Software development is a rapidly evolving field as new technologies and different approaches are developed. Software developers need to keep up to date with these developments to enable them to develop finished software that is current and fit-for-purpose.

When businesses work with bespoke software development companies to create a tailored solution they are accessing expert knowledge and insight.  Software developers are problem solvers who work to add value to your business through the bespoke solutions that they create. 

Today, the cloud is the platform of choice for software development because it’s flexible and can be easily scaled. It saves businesses money on infrastructure costs and reduces the amount of time needed for deployment. 

Most of us now access the internet and applications on mobile devices so developers are highly focused on creating apps and other software that is mobile friendly. 

Data analytics increasingly informs business decision making so bespoke software solutions that give companies access to high-level data is becoming a critical requirement. Developers who are skilled in data analysis are now highly sought after across the industry.

The benefits of software development 

Creating bespoke software for your business has a range of benefits compared to using generic solutions. It can help your business automate processes and improve efficiency while allowing you to scale your operations as you grow. 

It can also help businesses become more agile, enabling you to respond quickly to change. Crucially, bespoke software enables companies to work more effectively and improve your customer service.

Custom software development can drive up revenue whilst simultaneously lowering costs, providing specific business and task-related benefits that can be a game-changer for how you operate.

Industry-leading software development from InTeck

If you’re considering bespoke software development for your business, then InTeck can help. We are an innovative, forward-thinking software development company based in Manchester, creating software solutions, mobile applications and cloud-based strategies for our clients.

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