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Location-based applications: What you need to know

Location-based applications: What you need to know

Location-based technologies are growing rapidly in popularity both with businesses and consumers who value them as a means to provide highly-useful and targeted information. 

They combine geospatial technologies, information and communication technologies to provide information to individuals based on their geographic location in real-time. Businesses and organisations are developing bespoke software solutions and digital applications that harness location-based services to better meet the needs of their customers.

How do location-based applications work, and how are businesses using them to better meet the needs of their customers? 

How do location-based applications work?

Mobile location-based applications consist of location-based services software, a content provider who provides geographic-specific information, and an end user’s mobile device. It’s the mobile device that provides the positioning component dependent on a mobile network to transmit the data. 

Once the geographic location of the user has been determined, the mobile-app location-based services are categorised as push or pull-based. For instance, the user may receive marketing messages based on their location, or they may request information such as nearby restaurants. 

Location-based applications are bespoke software solutions designed to help companies market their products and services while giving customers easier access to the services they need. 

How are location-based applications used?

Location-based applications play an increasingly important role in peoples’ lives. Apps such as Uber and the cycle-hire app Donkey Republic are prime examples of popular location-based applications. Other apps which used location-based technologies include Google Maps, Trip Advisor, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Just Eat. 

Location-based services are used to support assistive healthcare systems, can help contextualise learning and research, city-based mobile advertising, querying the nearest businesses and recommending nearby social events. 

Location-based apps can provide alerts about traffic and extreme weather and can be used to help locate stolen possessions. They can also be used to track people on a mobile map application. 

Location-based applications can help you better meet customer needs

By developing location-based digital applications, business owners are able to deliver accurate information to their customers about sales opportunities and services at the correct time. They empower businesses to better interact with their target customers, providing more targeted information, services and products depending on their location. 

It also enables customers to find the location of the products and services that they need and gives businesses the ability to gather high-quality information about their customer behaviour.

InTeck can develop your location-based application

If your business is thinking about developing a location-based application, then InTeck can help. We can assist you in finding an effective way to use location-based services to better communicate with your customers while giving them an application that they find helpful.

Location-based applications help you to better tailor your offer to your target markets while giving you valuable information about customer trends and activities.

Call 0800 3685220 or email to find out more about our digital application development services. 

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