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How do you measure the performance of mobile apps?

How do you measure the performance of mobile apps?

Keeping track of the performance of your digital mobile app is essential. Developing a mobile app is a significant undertaking. Creating an app that meets the need of your target users and helps you achieve your business goals takes research, skill and refining. It’s then critical to see how well your app performs once it’s been deployed.

Why is it important to measure the performance of mobile apps and how do you go about doing so?

Why do you need to measure the performance of mobile apps?

If you’re serious about your mobile app you need to be sure that it’s performing as you intended. The performance of your mobile app directly impacts user satisfaction and levels of engagement. Users expect any app they use to be fast, responsive and glitch-free, and when that isn’t delivered, the app is likely to be deleted from the user's smartphone. 

Monitoring the performance of your digital mobile app ensures that users continue to enjoy a seamless experience. Poor performance reduces retention rates, hinders revenue generation and lowers your app store ranking. 

Metrics such as the number of downloads, revenue generation and uninstalls will give you some indication of how your app is being perceived by your target audience. If uninstalls are up, revenue is flatlining and the number of downloads is decreasing, it may suggest your app
has a problem.

What to check

There is a wide range of possible digital mobile app performance metrics that you can monitor. If time and budgets are limited, it’s important to focus on those performance elements that will impact the most on user experience.

Here are some of the essential elements that need to be monitored:


It’s important to monitor how quickly the app responds to user interactions. Slow response times impact the overall usability of your app leading to user frustration. A responsive app is highly valued, particularly if its competitors are sluggish.

Load Time

Monitoring the app's load time is essential to assess how long it takes for the app to launch and become fully functional. If it takes too long, users are likely to get bored and move on. 

Battery Usage

If your app is regularly draining the smartphone battery it’s more likely to be uninstalled. Monitoring battery consumption helps to identify any resource-intensive processes or excessive background activity. 

Memory Usage

Excessive memory usage can lead to app crashes, and slow performance, and will adversely affect the overall device performance. By monitoring memory usage, developers can identify and address inefficient memory management.

Crash Rate

If your app is frequently crashing it will soon fall into disuse. Perhaps more than any other performance issue, crashes are the most damaging for the ongoing success of your digital mobile app. Reducing crash rates enhances the app's reliability and user satisfaction.

User Experience

User experience metrics will give you invaluable insight into how your digital mobile app is performing. Monitoring metrics such as feedback, ratings, and reviews helps you identify specific pain points and usability issues that can guide future improvements. 

Monitoring App Performance for Success

As one of Manchester’s leading mobile app development companies, the team at InTeck are committed to ensuring your app performs at an optimal level. This means having a laser focus on how to make your app a success.

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