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What is a white label app?

What is a white label app?

If you’re considering developing a digital mobile app for your business it’s likely you’re exploring your options. While many companies will look to develop their own app for a specific purpose, be that internal or external use, others may find budgetary restrictions make that difficult. 

Other companies may simply wish to replicate the generic functionality offered by their competitors but under their own branding. Good examples of this are retail apps that make it simple to purchase goods online and manage an account. In both cases, they may consider using a white label app.

What is a white label app?

A white label app is a pre-built software application that has been developed by one company but which can be licensed for use by another company. Other companies can customise the app with their own branding, design and functionality requirements.

The name white label refers to the practice of using a generic or blank label that can be replaced with different branding as required. White label apps are used across different industries and sectors, including retail, finance and hospitality. 

Why use a white label app?

With a white-label app, businesses can save time and resources by avoiding the need to build an app from scratch. The infrastructure and core functions of the app are already built. This allows businesses to focus on the customisation they need to suit their particular requirements. 

White label apps are usually scalable. This means that as a business grows and the user base for its app expands, the app can handle this increased demand without requiring significant infrastructure changes. This degree of flexibility makes it easy for companies to adapt to evolving customer needs. 

White label app developers will often offer technical support and maintenance services, giving businesses access to assistance and updates as needed. New features can be incorporated to ensure that the app remains reliable and up to date. 

Are there disadvantages to using a white label app?

While white label apps may be cost-effective and can save time, they also have disadvantages. The range of customisation options may be limited, making it difficult to create a truly unique app experience. 

Businesses will have limited control of the underlying codebase, making them reliant on the provider for updates and maintenance. Providers may discontinue support. A number of businesses may be using branded white label apps, diluting brand identity and creating a generic experience. There may also be constraints when it comes to future developments.

For that reason, businesses who are ambitious for their app are likely to choose to develop a truly bespoke software solution. 

Bespoke software development from InTeck

While a white label app can make it easy to have your branded app up and working, they rarely offer the kind of functionality that a completely tailored solution can provide.

At InTeck, we’re one of Manchester’s leading mobile app development companies. We can develop an app that fully meets your needs and is truly unique, giving you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

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