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What features should a bespoke CRM system have?

What features should a bespoke CRM system have?

A bespoke CRM system can transform and streamline how customer relationships are managed within your organisation. These are tailored software solutions that are created to better fit the requirements of your business than off-the-shelf options.

Each bespoke CRM system will be different, reflecting the different priorities of the business that it was developed for. There are, however, a number of common features found in most bespoke CRM systems. These include:

Integrated Email

Integrating all your email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo into your CRM makes it easier to manage communications both in-house and with customers. It better facilitates in-team collaboration and makes it easier to ask your colleagues questions. There’s no need to leave your CRM system to write an email, making it much easier to work seamlessly across different files. 

Document Management

A document management feature enables the simple collection, upload and storage of documents for easy access by team members when they’re needed. If you have a large sales, marketing and customer-facing teams, it makes it easier for them to gain access to suitable information. It also makes sure that all team members are abreast of the latest developments and can provide customers with a consistent customer experience. 

Analytics and Reporting

Bespoke CRM systems will frequently have a reporting and analytics feature, providing details of sales figures, individual performance statistics and other data on a regular basis. By including a reporting feature in your bespoke software solution, you can gain more timely insight into the running of your business. It can help you identify what’s effective and where troubleshooting might be needed. It can also provide an accessible overview of your sales process in its entirety. 


Closely aligned to the analytics and reporting aspects of a bespoke CRM system is a forecasting feature. This makes predictions for sales figures and revenue based on your previous and current data or trends. Any bespoke software solution that includes a forecasting element can help you make efficient use of the data you have gathered to better inform your decision-making processes.

Proposals & Quote Management

If you’re working with a bespoke software company to develop a CRM system that’s perfectly suited to your business needs, then a proposal and quote management feature can be a key asset. This makes it easier to create, develop and send quotes and proposals to your customers. The degree of functionality you may require will differ depending on your particular business, but having the facility centralised within your tailored solution can be practical and convenient.

How InTeck can help

At InTeck, we’ve established a reputation as one of the leading bespoke software development companies in Manchester and the North. We can create a bespoke CRM solution that fits your business needs perfectly, giving you a practical and efficient alternative to off-the-shelf solutions.

To find out more about how we work and what we can do for your business, call 0800 3685220 or email today.

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