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What are the most in-demand programming languages right now?

What are the most in-demand programming languages right now?

The modern world depends on programming languages. They are used in app development, software and websites and a range of other digital products. 

To keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape, programming languages are continually developing. It’s important therefore for developers to remain up to date with the most in-demand programming languages. 

Demand for different programming languages changes over time, with some standing the test of time, while others are ultimately usurped by new additions.

Here are some of the most in-demand programming languages currently and what they are used for.


Today, Python is considered one of the most versatile programming languages available, so as a result it’s in high demand. It has a range of applications and is widely used in data analysis, machine learning, web development and scientific computing. 

It has a simple syntax and relatively easy-to-learn structure that makes it popular with beginners and experienced developers alike. 


By a number of different metrics, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language currently. It plays a key role in app development and bespoke software solutions and is used to manage the behaviour of web pages. What this means is that it enables interaction, allowing developers to add dynamic behaviour to websites. This might mean that ,elements change on the page when a user interacts with them, updating content in real-time, or validating user input. 

JavaScript also facilitates communication with APIs, allowing data to be accessed from other sources. It’s JavaScript that allows the dynamic real-time updating found on social media.


Java has remained consistently popular as a programming language over many years. It’s widely used in app development, for developing enterprise-level applications, and video games. It provides a secure and robust platform for developing complex applications and bespoke software solutions, making it a popular choice for businesses across various industries.


Structure Query Language or SQL is a powerful language that can quickly and efficiently handle data. It’s able to locate and retrieve data from a database and can be used to add or remove records,  It’s domain-specific, which means it’s principally designed for managing data within a relational database management system (RDBMS). 

SQL is most effective in managing smaller databases and less useful in their larger counterparts. It currently ranks as the third most used language in the programming industry.


C# is an adaptable, general purpose language that was developed as an improvement on the widely used C++ coding language. Increasingly, hiring managers are looking for developers who have knowledge of C#. Because it’s a statically typed language, type-related errors are reduced, making it a reliable language and simple to maintain.

C# has been developed to be straightforward to learn and because there is already a wide community of developers using the language, there are plenty of resources available for learners.

At InTeck, our development team is well-versed in a wide range of programming languages. We put our talent and expertise at the service of our clients to create bespoke software solutions that fully meet their needs.

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