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What are the advantages of bespoke CRM systems for your business?

What are the advantages of bespoke CRM systems for your business?

Customer Relationship Management software is an essential tool for many businesses, helping to automate key tasks and providing a range of benefits. It supports consistent communication with customers, helping to streamline customer relationships while improving the service that businesses can offer. It can also be a tool for facilitating effective communication within the organisation and supporting remote work.

Bespoke CRM systems in particular can help your company become more effective in serving customers. 

What are CRM systems and what benefits can bespoke CRM systems bring to your business?

What are CRM systems?

How you communicate with your customers will play a critical role in the success of your business. Ensuring timely, informative communications is all-important to building ongoing customer relationships. 

A Customer Relationship Management system can store customer data, sales information and purchase records.  It can also be used to store customer behaviour information such as how they use your website, and how long they have been a customer of your business. 

It is made up of a set of tools that can be used by various people within your business, from sales and marketing to customer service and to inform key management decisions. The information it can gather and store can be used to optimise sales and marketing processes, improving customer service across the organisation. 

Because the needs of businesses can differ considerably when it comes to customer relationships and the information they require, bespoke software systems can be advantageous. CRM software development companies can create bespoke software systems that provide the functionality that you need while being scalable to allow for future development.

What are the benefits of CRM systems?

If you have a growing business that currently doesn’t use a CRM system making the shift can deliver a range of benefits:

- Better Customer Service

The core function of a CRM system is to support good customer service. It does this by managing contacts, gathering important customer information and messages and making them available to anyone within the company who needs them. By ensuring your team has the right information available when they need it, you are better able to serve your customers, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

- Greater Productivity

With a CRM system your sales, marketing and customer service teams have all the information they need at their fingertips. They can communicate effectively, both within your organisation and with customers. This helps to promote more efficient working practices and greater productivity. 

- Enhanced Analytics

CRM systems can not only help you gather and manage information about your customers and their habits, but they can contextualise and analyse data providing you with understandable metrics and actionable insights. This might include information such as demographics, click-through and bounce rates, all of which can inform your marketing campaigns and help you optimise your approach.

- Customer Segmentation

As your customer database grows it can become increasingly difficult to manage. A CRM system can make it easier to segment your customers, creating customer lists based on particular criteria. This can support more targeted marketing campaigns based on customer preferences and buying habits.

- Proactive Customer Interactions

CRM software supports greater proactivity in customer relationships, allowing you to reach out to customers about particular products, services or events that they have previously shown an interest in. When sales and customer service teams are proactive and knowledgeable it helps customers to feel valued.

- Effective Collaboration

A CRM system can support better collaboration across your organisation. Different teams can access the same customer information, allowing them to work on the same file or follow the progress of a particular document or case file. This can enable faster response time, ensuring that everyone has access to the fullest amount of information about a client case.

Why choose bespoke CRM software?

There are a range of generic CRM systems that are widely used across business. While these can provide a quick accessible option, they are not always the best choice. Every business is different and the features in your CRM system should be those that you are likely to use most
regularly. CRM software development companies can create bespoke software systems that fully meet your needs. This can give you a competitive advantage, enabling you to better serve your customers and work more productively.

InTeck is one of the leading bespoke software development companies in the North West. We can create a bespoke CRM system for your business that gives you the functionality you need to work more efficiently and better support your customers. 

Our systems are scalable, meaning that your bespoke CRM system can grow with your business. We can also ensure it’s fully integrated with your existing systems.

Call 0800 368 5220 or email to find out more. 

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