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Top 3 mobile app developments for 2022

Top 3 mobile app developments for 2022

Mobile app development continues to evolve at what can sometimes seem like a dizzying
pace. Keeping abreast of all these developments can be challenging so here we take a whistle-stop tour of the top 3 most significant developments taking place in 2022. 

Wearable technology

It seems we’ve been talking about wearable technology for some time now. And in
2022 we’ll continue to do so. Wearable devices used to be niche items used mainly by people with grueling personal fitness regimes. That’s no longer the case and wearable technology is evolving rapidly, from smartwatches to head-mounted displays and even smart clothing. 

Likewise, apps that can be used with wearable devices are no longer just a tiny subset of the app market. As with smartphones, wearable technology is likely to become an integral part of everyday life. Intelligent app developers and forward thinking companies are already embracing this development. 

Mobile E-Commerce Apps

The supermarkets were one of the first to embrace the potential of mobile apps to make placing orders easier, now other E-Commerce sites are following suit. Those retailers who can encourage their customers to have a company app on their device are more likely to secure repeat orders. Devices that are optimised for use on mobile devices make the whole retail experience easier and more enjoyable. 

As the importance of physical shops continues to decline, E-Commerce apps will play a key role in creating a relationship between the customer and the retailer that isn’t purely transactional. Users may have a whole High Street of E-Commerce apps on their phone covering the products and services they most regularly purchase. 

The Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ is one of those tech-related buzz phrases we hear a lot of but many of us don’t fully understand. This is a burgeoning, and potentially transformative field that will lead to another huge leap in our relationship with technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that are capable of collecting and transferring data without any human intervention over a wireless network.  

In simple terms, this means that your fridge, your toaster and doorbell could all be interconnected and able to communicate with each other. A high-profile example are driverless cars which theoretically will be communicating with each other when out on the road. 

Examples of apps that are part of the Internet of Things are smartphone apps that can be used to control your central heating and lighting, even when you’re not at home. This is only scratching the surface of the possibilities that Internet of Things technology represents. If you can integrate your app with other IoT connected items, such as cars and healthcare devices, you can tap into a whole range of innovative opportunities. 

Technology developments can often seem bewildering until they become commonplace. At InTeck Ltd we can make sure your company stays ahead of the curve. Why not contact us today to find out how we can help?

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