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The benefits of a bespoke portal

The benefits of a bespoke portal

A bespoke portal gives your business a means through which to increase customer loyalty and engagement while helping to boost your brand. It can also assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your customers.

What is a bespoke portal?

A portal is a bespoke software solution that creates an online area enabling customers to interact directly with a business online and for the business owner to communicate directly with their customers. It provides a quick, secure, and easy means for communication to take place, helping to streamline and improve the customer service relationship.

Bespoke portals are tailored solutions that enable businesses to fulfil various functions depending on the type of business they are. A portal might allow customers to gain support through live chat or by accessing up to date service information. It can help with project management tasks and provide a place for notes and for uploading relevant documents. 

A portal can also allow your customers to easily provide feedback, and it can act as another marketing channel, enabling you to provide news and offers, as well as information about your products and service. 

Through a bespoke portal, you can gather the information that allows you to better target specific customers. 

What benefits does an online portal give your business?

An online portal helps you better meet customer expectations, enabling interaction that is more direct than email communication. It gives customers an easy means by which to communicate with your business, allowing them to gain access to the information they need when they need it. 

Good customer service builds customer loyalty, and a portal provides a tailored solution for your business that makes that easier to deliver. 

Customers are not only able to directly interact with you, but their experience can be personalised based on their previous purchases and habits. Customers are also able to access the information they need themselves to deal with any potential problems. They can re-route deliveries, arrange for returns or access up to date service information as and when they require it. 

An online portal can contain FAQs, archived information and troubleshooting tools. There’s no need for customers to wait in a telephone queue.

Putting your customers in control frees up members of staff from having to deal with issues and routine queries, allowing them to focus on more complex problems elsewhere. When it comes to empowering customers an online portal is a powerful bespoke software solution that delivers. 

Customer portals increase web traffic and website engagement which is an increasingly important factor for websites when it comes to where your website is ranked. An online portal can also be used to create an online community around your brand allowing customers to not only engage with the business but also with each other. 

The ultimate bespoke portal for your business

InTeck is experienced in delivering bespoke software solutions for our clients. We can create the ultimate bespoke portal for your business. We will create an online portal suited to your needs rather than an off-the-peg solution that may not tick all the boxes. 

Our innovative and creative way of working means that your portal can help drive customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.

To find out more about how we go about creating tailored solutions for your clients call 0800 3685220 or email today.

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