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Bespoke software to boost your company’s efficiency

Bespoke software to boost your company’s efficiency

Bespoke software can revolutionise how your company works. Tailored solutions that have been created with your company in mind can deliver real benefits in terms of time and resources. With the right software, you should be able to automate key processes across your business, freeing up staff to work on other projects.

Bespoke software solutions reduce errors, streamline workflows and introduce intelligent automation into your business. Compared with off-the-shelf software, bespoke software is developed to match your precise requirements. You won’t be paying for unnecessary features, nor will you have to struggle with applications that are not completely compatible with how you work.

Bespoke software solutions that improve business efficiency

The possibilities when it comes to creating tailored solutions for your business are practically endless. When it comes to improving your business efficiency, there are a few popular tried and tested options you should consider. 

Here are three of the most popular bespoke software options that ambitious companies commission and deploy. 

Customer Relationship Management Software

There is a range of off-the-shelf CRM options available but they rarely provide the same degree of added value as a bespoke solution. A completely customised CRM solution gives you control over the features and functions that you’d like to include. It will be scalable and able to grow alongside your business. Additional features can also be added as your business requirements change. 

A bespoke CRM platform can facilitate effective contact management, enabling you to store and organise key information about customers and leads. It can help to manage customer enquiries, and provide a range of functions to support and enhance customer service 

Integrating your CRM solution with other applications such as email, calendars and social media can simplify a range of previously time-consuming processes. Mobile access to your CRM also supports remote and hybrid working

Marketing automation system

A bespoke marketing automation system can streamline a range of marketing activities. It can gather and deploy data to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, acquire and manage sales leads and help you plan new marketing activities. 

Marketing automation systems can give you powerful customer insights that enable you to better respond to their pain points and priorities. It also enables you to easily plan and schedule marketing activities, develop strategies and monitor results. 

Data Management Platform

Companies have to gather, manage and interpret increasing amounts of data. How this data is collected and managed is critical if it’s to be used effectively. While there are a number of generic data management packages available, these rarely meet the precise needs of your business.

Bespoke data management platforms can be developed to support various types of data, including structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data. It can include a range of features as required such as data collection, management, integration and reporting. It will also incorporate enhanced security measures to ensure that the data you collect is safe. 

Easy, intuitive access to the data your employees need when they need it can lead to greater efficiency and an enhanced customer experience. 

Bespoke software solutions to enhance your business efficiency

At InTeck, we can help your business become more efficient with tailored software solutions.

We take time to find out about your business, your current needs and future plans and only then develop software that fully meets your requirements.

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