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How bespoke software can help the transition to home working

How bespoke software can help the transition to home working

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the resilience of businesses across the globe. Business has needed to be quick to adapt and develop new ways of working. Those businesses that had already made a move towards home working and had systems in place, were much quicker to adapt. They perhaps already had bespoke software in place and staff who were familiar with its use.

Rapid shift

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic off-the-shelf software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom rapidly became part of everyday conversation. People who had never encountered either were quick to become au-fait with how they worked. While these solutions were useful, they have their constraints. They provide a basic platform through which employees can continue to communicate, coordinate, and work on shared projects. These platforms have their limitations, however.

Bespoke solutions

It’s no exaggeration to say that the success of a business is at least partly dependent on the software it uses. While off-the-shelf software can offer quick, easily accessible solutions, they are by necessity general and don’t always reflect the particular needs of your company. Bespoke software is designed from the beginning to tackle your unique requirements and, as your company grows and changes, so can your software.

Remote working is one such requirement. Bespoke software can facilitate your company’s move to remote working, making the whole process much more efficient.

It might include a range of different cloud-based applications, that support the work of different staff members. It should also be easily scalable, allowing you to scale up or scale down the number of users at any one time. It should be adaptive, allowing you to add new applications and to develop existing features. In short, it should be an evolving, reliable and responsive tool that allows your business to function remotely.

Rethinking work

The suddenness of the Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated just how important it is for businesses to be able to adapt quickly to a range of possible challenges. Whereas once office-based working practices were taken for granted and remote working seen as something that would always be a limited option, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned that thinking on its head. As well as being a way to increase employee productivity at the same time as improving their work/life balance, it’s also a system that’s more resilient to shocks. Bespoke software that can be used either for in-office or remote work allows for rapid shifts to remote working when required and can also facilitate more flexible working patterns for employees.

An agile, adaptive approach

At InTeck, we use an agile approach to software development where the emphasis is always on collaboration. Many companies are now finding issues with how remote working works for them that need to be addressed. Bespoke software may well be the most sensible and proactive solution, and at InTeck we can help you overcome any difficulties, make your business more resilient and give you flexibility to respond to evolving work patterns.

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