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Mobile App Gamification - What you need to know

Mobile App Gamification - What you need to know

Mobile App Gamification is a complex-sounding phrase for something quite simple. It refers to the inclusion of engaging gaming elements into a bespoke app development that was not specifically designed as a game. This means that an app primarily created as a storefront or a means to communicate with customers also contains gaming elements that support its main

Gaming elements have been shown to improve retention and encourage users to return to use the app. They make use of human psychology to add fun and gently addictive aspects that make users keen to come back for more.  Creative software development makes use of fun gaming elements to make your app more attractive. 

What are the benefits of mobile app gamification?

Gamification is essentially a marketing tactic that makes use of game methods such as social interaction, rewards, competitions and leaderboards. People are more willing to complete tasks if they know they will get a reward at the end. Gamification helps to directly mincrease the interest users have in your app, and hopefully the products and services it helps to support. 

As well as keeping users more engaged and motivated to return, mobile app gamification can lead to more promising reviews, and can make your product more attractive to a wider range of people. Gamification can help to drive an increase in organic installs while increasing the overall retention rate. 

They’re not only applied to commercial apps, gaming elements are also included in training and learning tools. They help to keep learners more engaged, helping to make the training process fun and interactive.

Gamification doesn’t end when the user leaves the app. Engagement with in-app game mechanics provides a range of insightful data that can inform marketing campaigns, performance goals and platform utilisations. 

Every time someone interacts with gaming elements, it gives an insight into where they are spending their time and the activities that interest them. Bespoke software development will make intelligent use of gaming elements to help businesses gather useful insights into user behaviour. 

A growing market

Gamification is becoming increasingly popular with companies who are looking to drive engagement with their app in a crowded and competitive market. The statistics speak for themselves, with the market size in 2020 reaching $30.7 billion. 

Although this growth has steadied a little over the course of the past couple of years, the trajectory is clear. In fact, it’s probably no exaggeration to say that gamification is likely to be the future of app development, as users come to expect gaming elements in the apps that they access. 

What kind of gamification elements might you add?

There is a range of possibilities when it comes to gamification elements. Quizzes are a popular option, as too are leaderboards, badges and progress reports. It’s important that any element that’s included in the app has a clear purpose and helps to support your broader goals. The principal aim is to drive engagement, making the app more attractive and compelling overall for a broader range of users. 

InTeck is one of Manchester’s leading software development agencies. We can create exciting and compelling gaming elements for your app. Want to find out more about our bespoke software development services? Call 0800 3685220 or email today. 

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