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How do you roll out a workforce management app?

How do you roll out a workforce management app?

A WFM (workforce management) app can make life easier for employers and team members. It can allow employees to determine their shifts, make changes to their schedule, notify of absences and gain access to their own information. 

Self-service options can allow them to request absences or make appointments. It gives them greater control over their working lives while making it easier for their employers to manage their workforce scheduling. 

If your company is looking to develop a tailored solution that empowers employees while simplifying your workforce management process, then a digital software app will often be the smartest option. Getting your team on board and helping them understand the benefits is essential if your new app is to be successful. 

So what’s the best way to roll out a new workforce management app?

Ensure employee input during the development process

Effectively implementing a workforce management app begins at the development stage. Any bespoke software solution has to meet the needs of your workforce otherwise it’s unlikely to be used. 

What would make the job of your frontline team easier and what practical tools are they likely to use? 

If they currently have to submit requests in person with a line manager for annual leave or rearrange their rota, this could be automated through an app. Frontline team members are usually busy and mobile, meaning that the app should give them the information they need when they need it. 

An effective WFM app will provide benefits for both frontline team members and management, automating a variety of processes, making communication easier and better deploying available staff resources. To achieve this, it’s important that companies have consulted widely and are clear in their instructions to the mobile app development company about what they require. 

Compulsory or optional

A key decision that will need to be made is whether or not the new workforce management app will be compulsory for staff or optional. If it’s optional, it needs to be attractive and provide employees with a range of tangible benefits for joining. 

Many employees welcome the chance to be able to input their preferred scheduling options, communicate with managers and other team members more easily, and make requests for annual leave via a simple digital means. These benefits will need to be outlined to team members to encourage them to take up the new digital mobile app. 

If you opt to make the new tailored solution compulsory, then it’s important to ensure that members of the team who may be hesitant, or who feel less confident with technology, receive any training and support that they need to get started. 

Measuring the results

Once your new digital mobile app has been deployed and has been in use for a period of time you will need to assess its impact. The metrics you use to measure this should be decided in advance, ideally at the development stage.  These should relate to aspects of workforce management where you believe that value can be added.  

If the app is optional, you should investigate what the uptake rates have been like and how this can be encouraged further. User feedback is an essential part of measuring the impact of your app.

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