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How can you automate your work from home life?

How can you automate your work from home life?

The number of people working from home has grown considerably over the past few years. Prior to the pandemic, what statistics were available suggested that only around 5% of people worked from home. During the coronavirus pandemic those figures were hugely inflated by large numbers of people having to quickly shift to remote working. Since then, there has been little research into the number who are still working from home.

Research conducted by O2 discovered that 45% of people expected to still be working remotely after the pandemic ended. Even if only a quarter of those people now work from home, that would still represent at least a doubling of the pre-pandemic figure.  In reality, many people have embraced hybrid working that combines more remote and home working with time in the office.

How to work effectively from home

Working from home requires having the right digital tools at hand. Bespoke software development companies have responded to this by creating tools for teams of people to work together and remotely more effectively. 

So what tools can you use to simplify and automate your work from home life?

Productivity Tools

Focus apps can help you and your team stay focused on the work in hand. They can limit distractions and help you to effectively manage your time. This can prevent work from overrunning into your personal life. Time-tracking tools can help you keep track of how long you are spending on particular tasks and where you need to become more efficient.

Automated To-Do Lists

Automated To-Do lists can help you organise tasks that you need to complete and to work more efficiently. This can also help you better integrate and manage the division of work and personal life.

Project Management

While many homeworkers are freelancers or independent contractors, many will be working as part of a team or with other contractors. Project management tools are essential to allow remote and home workers to conceive, plan and then ensure the timely completion of projects.

Collaborative tools

Most homeworkers will need to work collaboratively with other team members or contractors, either on an ongoing basis or on a specific project. Tools that aid collaboration are essential to achieve this, and will include document sharing, screen sharing and video conferencing tools. 

While there are a number of mass-market software solutions that provide this, many companies may choose to develop a tailored solution to better meet their needs.

Automate repetitive tasks

Working life is filled with small, repetitive tasks that can be time consuming. Tools that can automate these tasks can save considerable amounts of time while ensuring that the tasks are properly completed. 

How InTeck can help

At InTeck, we work with companies and contractors to help them make a smooth and efficient transition to remote, home and hybrid working.  We develop tools that are accessible, affordable, and effective while meeting the precise needs of each client.

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