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Do you want to move your software project to a new developer?

Do you want to move your software project to a new developer?

Deciding to develop your own bespoke software solutions is a big step for any company. Moving beyond off-the-shelf software to tailored solutions brings with it a range of potential benefits. It can give you greater functionality and improve your efficiency. If you’ve been working with software that has long since stopped meeting your needs, then the impact of bespoke software solutions can be considerable.

If you’re making the investment in tailored solutions you need to be confident that the end product is going to meet your needs. With so many elements to get right, software development projects can and do go wrong. In fact, research has found that a significant proportion of software projects are not completed successfully. 

When you invest in software development you also need to be confident that the development team has the skills, expertise and experience to manage the project. They should have a strong record of delivery and demonstrate their ability to work within budgets and meet deadlines.

In some cases, it soon becomes clear that a project is failing and the development team is failing to meet your expectations.

When to consider switching software developers

The decision to switch software developers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Often, projects may run into unexpected problems that cause delays but which aren’t critical. Effective communication from the team should clarify the situation and what changes this is likely to make to the project schedule. 

If you’re otherwise satisfied with the team working on your project it is generally advisable to be patient. However, if regular problems occur, communications are poor or non-existent, or the cost of the project keeps rising, then it may be time to consider finding a new team. If the development project has completely run aground, then the decision to move developers is a relatively straightforward one. 

Choosing a development team

If you’ve made the decision to switch to a new development team for your bespoke software solution it’s important to fully research and understand your options. Finding the right team to complete the work can be challenging, and you may wish to have another team in place prior to making the final decision. You should ask yourself what the new team is likely to bring to the project that the current team can’t. Check out client testimonials to gain insights into their performance and reliability.

You should also discuss your project requirements and expectations in detail with the new team, outlining why you are making the decision to switch developers once the project is already underway. 

Have a clear transition plan

Moving your software project to a new developer has the potential for increased risk as well as costs, but sometimes it may be unavoidable. There may be temporary setbacks, and you and the team should have a clear transition plan in place. Your expectations for the new team should be realistic. 

At InTeck, we’re one of Manchester’s leading software development companies. If you’re unhappy with your current software developer, our experienced team has the expertise and breadth of experience to complete your project.

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