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DevOps - What you need to know

DevOps - What you need to know

DevOps can be a complex and confusing concept to fully understand. The word was first coined in 2009 by Patrick Debois and since then it has been adopted across a wide variety of organisations both large and small. It increasingly plays a role in delivering bespoke software solutions

What exactly is DevOps and what role does it play in helping organisations deliver applications and digital services?

What is DevOps?

The term DevOps was created by combining the words development and operations. It is a combination of tools, practices and cultural approaches that can increase the pace at which an organisation develops applications and services. This added speed is geared towards helping companies provide a more responsive service for their customers while allowing them to better compete in the marketplace. 

What does this mean in practice?

A DevOps model when applied to software development brings together the development and operation teams into a single team who work together across the application lifecycle. This means a collaborative approach from development through to testing and deployment. Team members develop a range of different skills rather than merely being limited to single functions.

Processes that were once purely manual, time consuming and labour intensive can be automated. A technology stack and tooling help teams to develop applications quickly and reliably.

What are the benefits of DevOps in software development?

The DevOps approach delivers a range of benefits when it comes to fast and effective bespoke software solutions and app development. These include:

Enhanced collaboration

Values such as ownership and accountability are at the heart of the DevOps model. Developers and operations teams work closely together sharing their responsibilities and removing the old silo system which kept different teams apart. This helps to reduce inefficiencies and duplication which, in turn, saves time. Teams become more effective, cooperative, and intuitive with less second-guessing about what other teams are doing.


Automation and greater consistency make it easier to efficiently manage complex and changing systems at scale. Development and testing can be managed in a more efficient and repeatable way, saving time, and reducing risk. 


You can work quickly by adopting a DevOps model without sacrificing security by using integrated security testing tools. 


DevOps practices such as continuous delivery and integration ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes. This enables you to deliver at a rapid pace while maintaining reliability and a guaranteed experience for end users.

Rapid delivery

By increasing the pace of releases, you are able to make product improvements faster and build-in a competitive advantage.


DevOps practices enable you to adapt more quickly to changing markets, innovate faster and drive better results for your business. 

Want to know more?

DevOps can be a difficult concept to understand but it has the potential to deliver real results for your business.

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