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Azure Deployment Environments – What You Need To Know

Azure Deployment Environments – What You Need To Know

During the recent Ignite Conference, Microsoft announced the public preview of Azure Deployment Environments.  As a tool, it’s likely to provide significant benefits to software development teams working on bespoke software solutions for their clients. 

Azure Deployment Environments is a managed service that enables development teams to quickly create app infrastructure
with project-based templates to establish consistency and best practices while maximizing security, compliance, and cost efficiency. 

It accelerates the different stages involved in software development while ensuring compliance and cost-efficiency.

So what is Azure Deployment Environments and what does this mean for the software development process? 

What does this mean in practical terms?

When you set up environments in Azure for applications that require multiple services and subscriptions it can be challenging. Compliance, security, and possible long lead times can all add extra complexity. 

Azure Deployment Environments allows organisations to eliminate the complexities involved in setting up and deploying environments. 

A deployment environment is a preconfigured group of resources from Azure that are deployed in predefined subscriptions. For instance, these environments might be sandbox, testing, staging or production. Azure governance is applied to predefined subscriptions based on the type of environment. 

This essentially allows developers to concentrate on the core aspects of their work with other essential components such as compliance and governance already taken care of. 

What are its benefits?

Azure Deployment Environment delivers a range of benefits when it comes to creating, configuring and managing environments in the cloud. 

Firstly, it simplifies standardisation and collaboration. You can capture and share IaC templates in source control within the team to easily create on-demand environments. The inner sourcing of templates from source control repositories promotes more effective collaboration.

Compliance and governance are supported. Dev infra teams can curate environment templates to enforce enterprise security projects. They can map projects to Azure subscriptions, identities, and permissions according to environment types. 

Environment templates can be created and organised by the types of applications that development teams are working on, supporting project-based configurations. 

It enables development teams to create app infrastructure resources quickly and easily by using a set of preconfigured templates. The costs of these resources can also be tracked to allow projects to remain on budget. 

Streamlining the software development process

Azure Deployment Environments is another tool to aid software developers. Because it allows developers to concentrate on code rather than infrastructure it’s likely to streamline the process of creating tailored solutions for clients, enhancing developer productivity. 

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