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How to speed up the development of a custom mobile application without compromising quality

How to speed up the development of a custom mobile application without compromising quality

Mobile app development is a complex process taking time and attention to detail to get right. 

The time it takes to create bespoke software solutions can vary.

If you’re considering creating a mobile app for your business you will doubtless be keen to ensure it’s available as soon as possible.  

So what can be done to speed up the development process without compromising the functionality and quality of the finished product?

Less is more

You may have complex ideas about what you would like your app to achieve. While it’s good to be ambitious, too much complexity can slow down the development process. 

Think about the key elements that you want your app to have and the problems you want it to solve. Focus on these key factors and eliminate those elements that may be desirable but are not completely necessary. Often users appreciate a simple, easy and quick-to-use app over something with more complicated functions.

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is a basic version of the program, which includes the main functions. MVP is enough for customers to use it and you can monetize the product to generate revenue. You can then create updated versions of the app and release them to your existing customer base at a later date.

Adopt an agile development process

Agile software development allows you to release new features at intervals of 2-4 weeks. Testing takes place continuously so there is no need to stop before the release to check for any errors. 

An agile approach allows you to follow the plan and eliminate risks, monitoring the progress of the product every step of the way. According to data from McKinsey, an agile development process reduces the time of product launch to the market by at least 40%. 

Cross-platform applications

Developing a cross-platform mobile application saves time and is more cost-effective than developing a product for multiple platforms. This means that software development teams will write the program code so that it can be compiled for execution on a number of mobile platforms. 

Low-accuracy wireframes

Wireframes are an essential part of the mobile application development process. They are used by developers to understand how they will organise the app and the tasks that are involved. 

Low-accuracy wireframes are tools that represent the overall vision of a mobile application in minimal terms. They take less time to develop and will not contain the same amount of detail as high-frequency wireframes. However, enough accuracy needs to be assured to avoid the need for revisions and corrections at a later stage. 

Automated testing

App development companies can speed up the product release date by automating parts of the testing process. Sets of tests can be run simultaneously reducing the amount of time that would be spent on testing at the end of the project. 

Invest in an experienced team

Nothing will have a greater impact on the speed of the development process and the quality of the finished product than the skills and experience of the development team.

At InTeck, we work efficiently and thoroughly to develop high-quality mobile applications for you and your clients.

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