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What is the timeline for creating a mobile app

What is the timeline for creating a mobile app

When you’re considering creating a mobile app for your business, there’s a number of factors you’ll probably have in mind. If you have a specific timescale for when you want your app to be in use by, then you’re likely to be concerned about the length of time it can take to create the app and have it in use.

How long does it take to develop an app?

There’s no easy answer to that question. The time it takes to develop an app depends on a number of different factors. The quickest and most straightforward apps might take as little as a couple of months, although a more representative time may be around 4 months. More complicated apps can take considerably longer.

Although the timescales for each app may differ there are a number of common stages that each app development process will usually include.

The app creation timeline

There are a number of stages to the app development process that are common whichever method of app creation you choose.

What do you want your app to do?

Unless you have a clear idea about the role the app is going to play you’re not going to be able create the right tool for your business. While creating a means by which to foster brand loyalty might be a broader motivation, it doesn’t give developers much to go on. When it comes to creating an app, specifics matter. Is it a means by which your customers can buy your products or services? Is it a way for them to access in-store offers or a means by which they keep track of your latest brand news and developments?

It’s also worth asking what you are giving your customers through your app. Is it an easier means by which to communicate with your company or is there some high-value information or services that are only available through the app? Spending some time considering these factors is important, and a good app developer will want to ensure you have some clear answers before they proceed.

How is the app going to be built?

Once a design is in hand, the project will be broken down into bite-sized pieces with clear development stages outlined. The tasks will be assigned to reflect their priority and interconnectedness. As with any construction project, you need to be aware of how each part supports the other before you can proceed.

Building the app

The longest section of the whole process will be the building of the app. Developers will create the code, build in the required functions and ensure everything works as it should. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Does it work?

Now it’s time to test the app, check that everything works and troubleshoot any issues. Is the company/individual that commissioned the app happy with the finished product? Good communication and a collaborative approach throughout the development process helps to ensure that the developed app meets the intended functions and requirements of the company and the end-user.

A collaborative approach

At InTeck, our UK based team of mobile app developers work in an agile, collaborative way to ensure that your app fully meets your requirements. The process is nimble and efficient, setting out realistic timescales that don’t cut corners nor over promise. We ensure that your mobile app is more than just a marketing box ticking exercise. Our apps offer benefits for both companies and their consumers.

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