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What is Duo Mobile and how safe is it to use?

What is Duo Mobile and how safe is it to use?

Security is always a key concern for app development companies. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an enhanced security measure requiring users to provide more than one verification means in order to log in. This might be by providing both a username and password and then confirming their phone number through a call or SMS message. 

Tech giants such as Google and Apple were among the early adopters of two-factor authentication, with other large tech companies following suit. Now, all kinds of platforms and applications have embedded two-factor authentication into their system. 

When software development companies work on tailored solutions they will frequently bolster the security of the app with two-factor authentication.

What is Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is a two-factor authentication app that provides increased security for your online account logins. It allows you to generate security keys for Duo’s own security accounts as well as a wide variety of third-party accounts. 

By creating passcodes to log in, you can significantly reduce the ability of malicious parties to gain access to your accounts. The app is designed to be easy to use, enabling you to quickly connect accounts. A single tap is all that’s required to deny or approve a particular request. 

Duo Mobile gives you the ability to improve and simplify the security of your online services and apps. While software development will always prioritise security, criminals are always testing and searching for weak points they may be able to exploit.

Is Duo Mobile safe to use?

Any app that contains as much security information as Duo Mobile will be of interest to digital criminals. Whether or not the app is safe to use is therefore a critical question. As a flagship Cisco Secure product, Duo Mobile uses the latest security and privacy measures. Not a single breach has been reported of the app and Cisco are always anticipating and responding to threats. 

Duo Mobile gives you added security, whether it’s providing added security for social media accounts, online banking or other private services and applications. Duo Mobile has so far shown itself to be a robust and secure digital mobile app that can enhance your online security.

What access does it have?

Duo Mobile does require some permissions in order to operate fully. If you want to be alerted when someone is attempting to log into your accounts, you will need to allow push notifications. The app does not require access to your contacts, photos or text messages.

Duo Mobile does not sell nor share user data with any third party. It does collect some usage data but it’s possible to disable this via the settings. 

App development with security at the forefront

At InTeck, we always prioritise security during the app development process. We will ensure that your tailored solution can be trusted as well as intuitive. 

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