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What features should your workforce management system have?

What features should your workforce management system have?

The beauty of bespoke software solutions is that they can be tailored to the exact needs of your company. Tailored solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to simplify and speed up their processes, freeing up staff to work more efficiently and concentrate on revenue-producing tasks.

A workforce management system is one tool that can transform how you work. It provides the optimal solution when it comes to workforce scheduling. It enables companies to better deploy their available resources while giving employees more control over their working lives.

While every bespoke workforce management system will reflect the needs of the company for which it was created, there are some key features that are common to the most successful.

What should a bespoke software solution for workforce management look like?

Easy usability

All effective workforce management systems are easy to use. Employees are increasingly familiar with seamless and effective apps that they use on a daily basis. This means that a workforce management app needs to be equally easy to use. 

Your workforce management system will be used by large numbers of people each of whom will have different levels of technical ability and familiarity. Your workforce management system should be a tailored solution that not only meets all of your requirements but is also intuitive to use. 

Time and attendance

Scheduling, time and attendance capabilities are crucial components of any workforce management system. Employees can schedule shifts, make leave requests, clock in and out and submit timesheets. Audited timesheets can ensure that the time worked and time scheduled match up eliminating potential payroll errors. Managers are able to maintain a real-time view of staff per location. 


One aspect of smart workforce management systems that sells them to employees is the flexibility they can provide. Teams are often faced with barriers to help them achieve a positive work-life balance, particularly when those teams are deskless or dispersed. 

Workforce management software can provide a flexible, self-service scheduling solution that gives employees control over when they work. They can see their own and available shifts, update their availability and view the latest rota. Self-rostering can increase employee engagement and support higher productivity. 

Integrated reporting

Analytic data is a crucial aspect of any workforce management system. It helps to build a picture of what works and what needs improvement. With workforce management software it can provide insights into staff numbers, payroll and absences. 

The ability to integrate a bespoke software solution with other analytical tools can further enhance the data gathering aspect of your workforce management system. 

Work smarter

An effective workforce management solution can help employees and their companies work smarter and more efficiently. Managers are better able to deploy their available assets and employees are put in control of their working hours. 

At InTeck, we can work with you to create a bespoke workforce management system that contains all the features you need. To find out more about our bespoke software development services call 0800 368 5220 or email 

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