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Should start-ups outsource their software development?

Should start-ups outsource their software development?

When you’re starting a new business there is a vast array of tasks you have to attend to. Business owners need to be able to juggle numerous responsibilities and keeping on top of them all can be challenging.  

The IT and software any start-up opt to use will have a real impact on the success of the business. Off-the-shelf software can be cost-effective and quickly deployed but may not provide the necessary customisation or scalability that ambitious start-ups need to compete.

Bespoke software can be tailored to meet specific needs and provide a competitive advantage. With the right bespoke software, start-ups are able to quickly compete with more established rivals.

If a start-up has decided that they need tailored solutions for their business, the next consideration is whether these should be developed in-house or outsourced. 

Outsourcing - an attractive option for start-ups

There are a number of significant advantages for start-ups in outsourcing their software development. 

Firstly, it’s a more cost-effective approach, removing the need to hire and pay salaries of an internal team. Software development is highly specialised and fast-moving with emerging technologies and methodologies continually impacting how software is developed, making it difficult for IT generalists within an organisation to keep up. 

Outsourcing software development provides start-ups with access to a wider range of expertise and experience to create their bespoke software solutions.

Outsourcing can also mean that you are able to access and deploy tailored solutions much faster than if you decide to develop them in-house. A software development company will be focused on producing your bespoke software solution as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of the final product. 

Start-ups can benefit from outsourcing software development by gaining the flexibility to adjust their development resources according to their needs. This can prove particularly helpful for start-ups that face sudden changes in demand or experience rapid growth.

By outsourcing bespoke software development, start-ups can concentrate on their core competencies such as marketing, sales, and business strategy. This becomes crucial for start-ups that have limited resources and require prioritising their efforts.

How to choose the right software development company

The choice of software development company will have a significant impact on the quality of the bespoke software produced for a start-up. Working with the right company can be even more important for start-ups where budgets and time are key considerations. 

Experience and expertise are crucial. Start-ups should look for software development companies with experience in their industry and technology stack. A company with a proven track record of delivering similar projects can be a better fit than one without relevant experience.

Keeping a check on costs is essential so your choice of bespoke software development company should be transparent about their pricing. The pricing should be clear and comprehensive, with no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Manchester’s leading software development service for start-ups

At InTeck, we work with start-ups to ensure they have the digital tools they need to compete effectively. Our bespoke software solutions allow new companies to quickly get on their feet and hold their own with larger rivals.

We give start-ups access to industry-leading knowledge and expertise, helping them to maximise their budget while ensuring they have scalable tools at hand to help them achieve their business goals.

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