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Looking for software development in Manchester?

Looking for software development in Manchester?

Having the right tools at your disposal is essential for the success of your business. While generic, off-the-peg software solutions can get you so far, they’re unlikely to provide you with the degree of customisation you need for your business. 

Bespoke software that has been developed for your business enables you to streamline your operations and become more productive. It allows you to automate key processes, freeing up resources for other tasks and activities. 

What are the advantages of bespoke software solutions?

Bespoke software is developed for the specific needs of your business, eliminating superfluous functionality and ensuring you have all the tools you need. It’s easy to scale up or down and can change and develop with your evolving business needs. 

Bespoke software is highly adaptable and can be fully integrated into your existing systems, increasing efficiency and making your business more productive. Bespoke software also provides added security for businesses when compared to off-the-shelf solutions.

Developing your own software solutions also allows your organisation to differentiate itself from the competition, providing better customer service while driving down costs.

In fact, few companies regret investing in bespoke software solutions, particularly when they partner with a software development company that takes time to understand the business and its requirements. 

What to look for in a Manchester software company

If you’re currently exploring bespoke software development in Manchester and whether it’s suitable for your business, then it’s important to find the right software development company to work with. 

Firstly, think about your own goals and objectives for the project. This will be helpful when you talk to software developers who will be able to gain a clear understanding of what’s required of them. They will then be able to point you to successful projects they’ve completed in the past. At InTeck, we’ve worked on diverse projects such as mobile workforce management, bespoke CRM systems and custom web portals so this gives you a good idea of what we’ve previously achieved and confidence that we can deliver on our promises.

Different software companies will have different approaches to customer involvement. If you’re looking to be involved in the software development process, want to be able to view the progress being made and make suggestions where appropriate, it’s essential you find the right company. Many software development companies restrict access to the development team, with issues being dealt with by other staff outside of the team who are at the sharp end. This can often cause breakdowns in communication with things being lost in translation.

It’s also important to be realistic about your budget. Your choice of software development company should ensure that the development process is streamlined, making use of the latest technology to ensure cost-effectiveness and elimination of waste. 

AI-Driven Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way that software developers work. At InTeck, we incorporate any technological advance that can improve the service we provide to customers.

Proof of Concept is a foundational stage in the software development process, enabling companies to road test their software idea in more detail. It gives you a detailed overview of the resources, technologies and outcomes that will be required for the project. It also gives you something tangible to show stakeholders, providing opportunities for feedback and helping to ensure that the finished product fully meets your needs. 

By using AI, we streamline the Proof of Concept stage enabling more organisations to take advantage of this stage of the software development process.

We believe that AI is likely to deliver real advantages when it comes to Manchester software development, enabling organisations to access the digital tools and technologies they need to streamline their operations and increase productivity. 

Affordable Manchester Software Development

At InTeck, we’ve put together a team of experienced developers who understand the requirements of Manchester businesses. We create bespoke software solutions without the associated price tag, allowing more local companies to benefit from software development in Manchester.  

You get to work directly with our developers and will be involved throughout the process. We ensure you have direct contact within the development team who can advise and answer any questions you may have. Our development process is streamlined to ensure that you don’t pay for anything superfluous and that your budget is put to work where it can have the greatest impact.

We’re experienced in a wide range of projects across different industries and provide a highly personalised service for different companies to create outstanding results without the need for companies to pay over the odds. 

If you’re looking for software development in Manchester then we can help give your company a competitive edge.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.

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