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How software development can help you manage your remote teams

How software development can help you manage your remote teams

Over the last few years remote working has moved from being a fringe practice into the mainstream. While the Covid-19 pandemic made remote working a necessity, it sped up a steady long-term trend towards more flexible working patterns.

The companies that were better able to cope with the overnight shift to remote working patterns were those who already had the infrastructure for managing remote teams in place. Numerous companies had invested in bespoke software before the pandemic that could be adapted and scaled up to cope with increased demands.

As more and more companies move toward remote working models, finding ways to manage remote teams effectively is essential. To enable, support, and track remote work requires the right tools. While off-the-shelf solutions can provide some of the functions you may need, they are rarely equipped to meet all of your unique requirements,

With bespoke software development, you can precisely have the tools you need to effectively support and manage remote working within your organisation.

In what practical ways can bespoke software help organisations better facilitate remote working?

Enhanced communication and collaboration

Effective communication is essential to remote team management. Software tools that can facilitate real-time communications, using video conferencing, information management, and file-sharing are a vital component of any remote working infrastructure. Bespoke communication tools are better able to foster collaboration, ensuring that your remote teams can work together seamlessly across projects.

Project and task management

Keeping track of tasks, deadlines, and project processes is a crucial aspect of ensuring productivity and meeting objectives. Bespoke project management tools will offer a range of features, such as task assignment, milestone setting, and progress tracking. Reporting facilities allow managers to oversee remote team activities so that they can efficiently allocate resources, monitor project timelines, and identify any potential bottlenecks or delays.

Time tracking and productivity monitoring

Time track and productivity tools allow teams and their managers to monitor work hours and measure productivity levels. They can provide insight into team performance, identifying areas that may need improvement, while ensuring that remote employees stay focused and productive. Time-tracking tools promote transparency and provide greater visibility, helping to foster a culture of trust among remote teams.

File sharing and collaboration

The ability to share files securely is an integral component of remote working. Bespoke software incorporating cloud-based storage and collaboration enables teams to store, share, and collaborate on documents in real time. They ensure that everyone has access to the latest versions of files, enabling them to work together effectively without the need for clarifications and corrections. They should also include robust security features that protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. 

Training and onboarding

E-learning and training management systems can be developed that meet your requirements for training and onboarding new employees. They can enable you to provide online learning materials, helping employees acquire new skills, enhance their knowledge, and stay updated with industry trends. They can also enable managers to track employee progress, assess learning outcomes, and tailor future training programs to meet individual needs.

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Ensuring good team morale and effective engagement can be challenging with remote teams. Bespoke software tools can be developed that make the process easier. These can facilitate virtual team-building activities and mental health resources to support remote workers. Surveys can help managers gauge employee satisfaction and address concerns proactively, creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration and growth. 

A comprehensive remote working solution

By opting for bespoke software development, organisations can design a comprehensive remote working solution that includes all of the elements they require. This gives managers and employees everything they need on a single user-interface, streamlining work processes and empowering people within your organisation to produce their best work. 

Working closely with an experienced software development company, organisations can create a remote working platform that exceeds expectations and adds real value to their operation. Scalable and adaptable, bespoke remote working software can evolve with your organisation.

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