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How an online portal can boost your business

How an online portal can boost your business

A professionally developed bespoke online portal for your business provides an accessible and interactive gateway to the internet. It’s a single point of access for both customers and members of staff, allowing users to search, email, chat, find information, interact, give feedback and make purchases. 

In short, it’s a bespoke software solution that provides a more accessible means of communication than just having a website.

As well as being a means by which customers can engage with your business, online portals can also provide a set of internal tools. This enables better communication and sharing of information across your organisation and can be used as a collaborative tool. 

In fact, a bespoke online portal can boost your business in a number of different ways. 

Increase engagement with an online portal

Online portals can increase engagement both between customers and the business and across the business itself. For example:

Improved communication

Online portals improve the speed and efficiency with which information can be shared. They provide an effective means by which to interact with customers and teammates creating opportunities for easy communication. They also make it easier for customers to contact the business, resolve issues and find the information they need.

Enhanced collaboration

Internally, portals can provide a single point of access across teams allowing for better sharing and collaborative work.  This makes for more effective working that can cut costs and support innovation. 

All of the documents that are required for a project or particular task are at hand so there’s no need to waste time scanning through emails or checking back through documents in other locations. This can help team members work more efficiently and productively. 

Remote access

If an online portal is being used internally it can support remote and flexible working. As hybrid working models become mainstream, an online portal makes it easier to continue team working uninterrupted. Customer-focused portals make it simpler for customers to access product, service and order information wherever they are. 

Builds brand loyalty

A customer-centric portal can help strengthen your brand by supporting customer engagement. Your portal can be somewhere that customers turn to solve problems and also be a web destination in its own right. By making your portal a place to share interesting content, find offers, and perhaps chat with other customers, a bespoke portal can be used to help create an online community. 

A scalable solution

As a bespoke software solution, your online portal is entirely scalable and can grow with your business. It can quickly incorporate new customers, features and markets, enabling you to move forward at speed.

An adaptable bespoke software solution that can add value to your business

At InTeck, we can create the perfect bespoke portal for your business. We work with you to find out what you actually need from a portal and our experienced development team will then begin putting together a portal that can deliver real benefits for your business.

As one of Manchester’s leading bespoke software solution companies, we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about tailored solutions such as online portals. 

Call 0800 3685220 or email to find out more. 

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