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A quick guide to business process automation

A quick guide to business process automation

Sometimes, running a business can feel like it’s one mundane task after another. The more time you spend on them, the less time you can spend on productive tasks such as attracting new business, developing new products, onboarding new clients or preparing sales presentations.

Business process automation will help you reduce or even eliminate the need for mundane tasks. Instead of spending hours on tasks such as data entry, your employees can focus on the tasks they were hired to do. As well as making your business more efficient, it will also help to foster better employee engagement.

What are the benefits of business process automation?

Business process automation will deliver a range of benefits for your company, making it more efficient and effective and helping you stay competitive. Automation removes the risk of errors that are inherent in manual processes. For example, an employee might make a typo or miscalculate when preparing an invoice. Having to go back and fix these issues creates more delay.

It can also be hard for managers to track how different processes are performing when employees take care of each step manually. This lack of visibility can ultimately affect productivity and decision-making, making it more challenging for managers to properly optimise their available resources.

Automation will address issues with compliance, which in some industries can incur heavy penalties. Gathering together the necessary documentation and ensuring everything is up to date can be time-consuming. Automation will take care of compliance challenges while automatically ensuring that you stay up to date with any regulatory changes. 

How to automate your business processes

Choosing the right business processes to automate will be key when it comes to the success of your automation project. Some of the factors that will help your decision-making include whether or not the process follows a predictable set of steps, involves repetitive tasks such as data entry and has a time-sensitive nature. If it’s a task that people spend time on repeatedly and requires an audit trail, then this will make it a prime candidate for automation.

Bespoke software solutions for your business process automation

Any successful automation exercise is likely to involve bespoke software solutions. These ensure that the tools you have in place fully meet the requirements of your business and effectively handle your processes. 

While generic, off-the-shelf software is available it’s rarely ideal for the tasks you need it for. It may not fully provide you with everything you need or may contain tools that are superfluous. Having your own tailored solution tackles this problem head-on.

At InTeck, we will create the perfect software solution for your automation process. We work with clients to put in place the tools they need to benefit from the efficiencies that automation will deliver.

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