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  • Why cutting corners on Software Development is a false economy?

    Investing in digital solutions is an ongoing investment for most businesses. There's a continual need to keep pace with changes in technology, and the accompanying changes in consumer demand that arise out of those changes. Most businesses don't have a limitless IT budget, however, so the temptation to cut corners and reduce costs can be great.

  • Welcome to the new and refreshed InTeck website!

    At InTeck we're old hands at helping businesses stay organised, boost their productivity and increase their revenue through the intelligent application of the latest software. To do so, we need to stay constantly abreast of developments across the industry. If we don't know about something, then neither can our clients.

  • Working from home - will this be the new normal?

    It's a time of great global anxiety. Covid-19 has emerged as if from nowhere and has shaken up our societies and the way we do business like nothing in recent human history. Many of us are feeling a little punch drunk and bewildered by it all. The way we shop, socialise and work has all had to change in a short space of time, and, like all unwanted change, it can be difficult to process. Anyone who can has been urged to work from home, so companies and other organisations have quickly been adapting.

  • Will Covid-19 be a game-changer for remote working?

    Remote working as a percentage of the workforce has been steadily creeping upwards over the past couple of decades. Technology, changes in the way we do business and shifting expectations among younger workers have all contributed. What's happened over the past couple of weeks has suddenly made remote working less of a trickle and more of a flood.

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Bespoke Software

    Bespoke software is the flexible, modern, fluid solution for any results-driven startup or business. Created with only your business in mind, it provides your business with exactly what it needs to stand out in a competitive market and helps drive you towards optimal success.

  • What is bespoke or custom software?

    Simply put, bespoke software (also called custom software or tailor-made software) is software that has been designed especially for your business and built according to your exact specifications. Unlike software that is created for the mass market, it combines your unique business concept with the needs of your target market and requirements to create innovative, technologically advanced software that exceeds your expectations.

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