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Why cutting corners on Software Development is a false economy?

Investing in digital solutions is an ongoing investment for most businesses. There's a continual need to keep pace with changes in technology, and the accompanying changes in consumer demand that arise out of those changes. Most businesses don't have a limitless IT budget, however, so the temptation to cut corners and reduce costs can be great.

When it comes to software development, trying to cut corners really can prove to be a false economy. Here’s why…

Software quality matters to your business?

There are a number of key reasons why companies that want to develop their own software need to invest in quality. For example…


Tailored software helps your business processes become predictable and regular. Do it right once, and there'll be less variation in productivity and less work to do. Products and services get delivered on time and more productively. Software that can't be depended upon, that's full of glitches, or doesn't meet your specific needs threatens this.


If poor quality software has a detrimental effect on the service you offer then your reputation will suffer. Whether it's the software you use within the business, or apps you use to connect with customers, if they're of poor quality then it's your brand reputation that ultimately suffers.

Conversely, smart tailored software that meets your particular business needs can not only support your brand, it can also add value. An app that works well and gives customers the information and access they need will keep them coming back. One that doesn't will soon be deleted. Software isn't just incidental to your brand reputation, it’s paramount.

Employee morale

In our experience, our clients' employees love high-quality, smart software that meets a need within the business. It helps them work more efficiently, they can rely on it, and it gives them more time to focus on other tasks.

Poor quality software will not only fail to meet the needs of the business, it can even become an active hindrance. If software that is meant to be doing a job within the business is filled with time-consuming glitches and problems, staff morale soon suffers. If a large portion of the IT budget has been spent on that software, then there may not be enough left to develop a more dependable replacement.

Employees want to feel good about their work, what they do and the service they provide. High-quality software enables them to do just that.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is heavily driven by the quality of the service or product you provide. Increasingly, the quality of service that a business provides is highly dependent on the quality of the software they use. You need to be confident that the software you're using is good enough to meet the rising expectations of your customers. Your competitors may well be investing in high-quality software, and if you're not you could well fall behind.

Get it right first time

Poor quality software can create real problems for your business. You can ensure that your software or mobile apps are helping to build your brand, helping you to work more efficiently and to better connect with your customers by not cutting corners.

Our methodical approach to developing software ensures that the final product is targeted towards the precise needs of your company. We create intuitive, bespoke software and mobile apps that more than return the initial investment.

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